10 Services You Should Hire a Handyman to Perform

When it comes to odds and ends around the house, you may have your to-do list under control. But for those times when you’re on a time crunch, need an extra set of hands, or don’t want to have to worry about completing a project, Bear’s Handyman Services can get the job done! 

If you’re unsure what “handyman services” include, this list breaks down 10 of our most common ones! If you’re ever looking for help with a project but aren’t sure if it’s something we do, always feel free to reach out to our team. If we can’t help, we’re happy to connect you with someone who can. 

1. Drywall Installation

One of the more common tasks that professional handyman services specialize in is installing new drywall during a home remodel or after a water damage remediation job.

General handyman services often have the equipment necessary to measure, cut, and install drywall boards in homes with skill and precision.

2. Fixture Replacement

Over time, fixtures in homes, such as kitchen faucets, cabinets, lighting systems, and more, may wear out or break from everyday use. Because many fixture replacement jobs don’t require a license, they can often be done by most general handyman service professionals. However, there may be situations where replacing a particular fixture, such as a faucet or lighting system, requires a specialized license.

3. Painting for the Interior and Exterior

Painting a house is a lot of work, especially if the house is occupied. Many homeowners or property managers use painting services to increase the curb appeal of a home before selling it, often getting a positive return on investment by selling the house quicker or for more money.

General handyman services will frequently take requests to repaint a home, and often have the right tools for the job, including paint rollers, drop cloths, tape, furniture covers, and ladders. In addition to exterior paint, interior paint is done by many handyman services, too. 

4. Technology Upgrade Installation

With this handyman service, a pro comes out to the home and installs any smart home devices such as thermostats, doorbells, and sensors. It’s essential to check with the handyman to be sure they are certified to fix your particular product and brand. There are many types, and some may require specialist knowledge of home electrical systems or other detailed information.

5. Tile Installation

General handyman services can often perform tile installation over a prepared subfloor. While tile installation work may seem simple, there’s a lot more to installing tile than that. Bear helps with measurements, cutting tiles, and installation. Like other services, we help with floor tiles, bathroom tiling, and backsplashes. 

6. Power Washing

Power washing can be used as an essential property maintenance measure to keep the exterior of a home looking pristine and remove dirt from decks, sidewalks, driveways, roofs, and other areas. Our team at Bear uses a high-grade water compressor and can remove dirt from caked-on regions with ease. 

7. Window Repair

Many handyman services can provide window repairs for a minimal fee compared to other experts. This can include helping clean up broken glass and repairing or replacing the window frame and the window itself. If the home’s windows are a non-standard size, we may be able to help with ordering new products or glass for you, too. 

8. Small Appliance Repair

In many cases, we can fix the issue with the appliance for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one and provide professional recommendations if a new appliance is actually the wiser choice. 

9. Odds and Ends Electrical Work 

We also offer services for all of your random electrical needs. From broken lights to outlets and more, we can help troubleshoot the issue and fix it, in many cases, within hours. If new pieces are required, we can also help you order what you need and install it on the spot. 

10. Ceiling Fan Installation or Replacement

Have a ceiling fan that never wants to work? In addition to our electrical work, we offer specialized services for broken ceiling fans and provide replacement assistance. Whether you’re a new homeowner or live in a home a century old, we assist with all fan troubleshooting. 

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